Finn Foundation US-Built Finn Initiative

Hello Finnsters,

What if you could buy a brand-new, competitive, US-built Finn rather than paying a premium to ship a new Finn from overseas? The Finn Foundation is launching a project to make that a reality.

I want to tell you about this exciting effort and how you can help.

Challenge: Finn sailors and the USA Finn Association face a big challenge: To buy a new boat, we have no choice but to ship one from overseas. The cost and timeline of this put a strain on class growth.

Action plan: We’ve developed a plan to combat these challenges and improve the outlook of US Finn sailing. This comprehensive plan involves the Class, the Finn Foundation, the IFA and the University of Michigan. And we need your help.

The Finn Foundation is raising $35,000 to purchase the Lemieux Finn molds and finance a reputable US boat builder’s start-up and development costs. This flier gives the full story.

Goal: By building quality, competitive, class-legal Finns in the US, North American Finn sailors will be able to buy a new boat at a reasonable price. Having affordable new Finns will bolster class growth, and that means a healthy USA Finn Association for years to come.

How can you get involved in the US-Built Finn Initiative?

  1. Donate. You can give a tax-deductible donation to support the US-Built Finn Initiative.
  2. Spread the word. We’re trying our best to reach all Finn sailors, but we need your help. Please share this email and flier with every Finn fan you know.
  3. Share your time or knowledge. If you have time or expertise to contribute to this project, let me know.

Please join us in making US-built Finns a reality. This project is moving quickly, and I’ll email updates as they come. You can also check the website for news on the initiative.

Finns Forever!!

Peter Frissell

USAFA President, Finn Foundation President


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