U.S. Finn National Championship has concluded with 7 races over 3 days. The last planned race had to be cancelled due to passing thunderstorms.

Rody Mazin (USA 16) and John F. Dane (USA 69) were match racing it from the start of the race 7. Taking it to the left and covering each other all the way to the windward mark, John F. couldn’t match Rody’s downwind speed, but took the top master award nevertheless.

The fight for the third place between Nikita Mazin (USA 7) and Rob Coutts (USA 9) went to Rob in a 19:19 tiebreaker. Rob, also the top Great Grand Master showed stamina and skills commendable for the weather conditions on the first 2 days.

Top Legend Charles Rudinsky (USA 40) took a win over Henry Sprague (USA 74).

Top Grand Master Scott Griffith (USA 1138).

Full results: https://www.regattanetwork.com/event/21811#_newsroom+results

Big thank you from the USA Finn Association (USAFA) to the Corpus Christi Yacht Club (CCYC) and James Bland for hosting a top notch event in top notch conditions. We are sorry for all those who couldn’t make it, you truly missed a fun Finn regatta. We, USAFA, hope that the Finn fleet will grow in Texas and can’t wait to come back to CCYC for another major North American event.

Pictures by Mike Malloy


Rodion Mazin


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