Class Contacts:

Peter Frissell – President
Darrell Peck – Honorary
Glenn Selvin – Treasurer
Rodion Mazin – Secretary
Marcus Ward – Webmaster
Terry Greenfield – Chief Measurer

USAFA Regions

Michael Dorgan – So Cal
Michael Kennedy – Nor Cal
Darrel Peck – PNW
Marcus Ward – Mountain
James Bland – Texas
Will Libke – Midwest
Noel Miller – South
Al Marshall – East

Upcoming Events

Finn North American Championships

Start date: August 13, 2021

End date: August 17, 2021

Location: CORK, Kingston, ON

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Pending more info and dates confirmation


Start date: September 4, 2021

End date: September 5, 2021



Event Contacts

Mike Dorgan
Event Chairman

Jeff Johnson
Waterfront Director

Jared Wohlgemuth
Regatta Admin / Webmaster


Start date: September 9, 2021

End date: September 12, 2021

Location: San Diego Yacht Club

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Event Contacts

Mike Dorgan
Event Chairman

Jeff Johnson
Waterfront Director

Jared Wohlgemuth
Regatta Admin / Webmaster


2021 Membership Dues

Did you receive the November 2020 issue of the SOLO Newsletter? It is not too late yet. Renew your membership and we will send you a copy! We have a new payment option available. Pay for 4 years and receive a $50 discount or a free private number! Junior and associate memberships are available as

Miami Finn Fleet is getting traction

MIAMI, Fla. – The Coconut Grove Sailing Club Finn Fleet, started by Fabiano Vivaqua, David Martin, and Charles Heimler at the end of 2019 is getting some solid traction, despite heavy lockdowns around the country and numerous state restrictions. It seems that folks are getting sick of being locked in their residencies and are eager

SDYC New Years Day Race

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – What a better way to start the New Year with a sail and race around San Diego Bay!? This is exactly what the Finn fleet did head out in beautiful weather, sunny skies, and warm mild temperatures along with some 80 other sailboats of various types and sizes. The Finn fleet

Finn 2020 North Americans Draws High Quality Field

The 2020 Finn North American Championship was held December 17-20 at Coconut Grove Sailing Club in Miami Florida. The first day saw winds in the upper teens, the second days in moderate strength, and the third day there was not enough wind to complete any races, although the adept and excellent race committee made two

Miami Fall Series

The day started out blustery with 15 to 18 knots of breeze in a warm northerly.  5 boats competed in the 5th of a 6 part series in the Coconut Grove Sailing Club’s Miami Finn Fleet Fall Series regatta. Race number 1 was on time at 1130am with Jack Jennings winning the race handily with

This is the home of the North American Finn Sailing where you will find our race calendar, information on regattas, sailing technique and advice, a forum & marketplace plus all the info you need to start Finn sailing.

The Finn is an outstanding boat originally designed by Rickard Sarby for a contest to find a boat for Scandinavian sailing and the 1952 Olympics.  Since then it has been featured in every Olympics.

An outstanding technical boat that favors boat handling and tactics over straight line speed.  With the unlimited pumping downwind in over 10 kts, it is a truly physical boat that rewards the athlete willing to work hard.

Most dinghies are built for smaller stature people but not so the Finn.  The Finn is a big man’s boat with average crew weight over 200 lbs.

The great attraction of the Finn is that you don’t need a brand new boat to be competitive – top regattas are regularly won by 10-yr-old boats.

A growing route in for sailors on a budget is the ‘Classic with Carbon’ option – any pre-1985 hull super-charged with a second-hand modern rig. Classic boats are warmly welcomed at all NA Finn Class events and are often seen in the top 10 with the Modern Race Boats.

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