Class Contacts:

Peter Frissell – President
Darrell Peck – Honorary president
Glenn Selvin – Treasurer
Rodion Mazin – Secretary
Marcus Ward – Webmaster
Terry Greenfield – Chief Measurer

                       USAFA Regions

Rob Coutts – So Cal
Michael Kennedy – Nor Cal
Marcus Ward – Mountain
James Bland – Texas
Peter Frissell – Midwest
Paul Rees – South
Al Marshall – East

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MBYC Hot Run

Start date: December 14, 2019

End date: December 15, 2019

Location: MIssion Bay Yacht Club


MBYC Hot Run

World Sailing Cup Miami, Round 2

Start date: January 19, 2020

End date: January 26, 2020

Location: Regatta Park, Miami, FL

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World Sailing Cup Miami, Round 2 (registration website pending)


USAFA Major Event Schedule – Submit your 2021 bids today!

Finn USA National, North American, and Masters North American Championships are the biggest events for the Finn Class in North America besides Miami Word Sailing Cup, Round 2. These 3 events are Type 1 regattas that have the biggest participation rates and give the most amount of points for USAFA rankings. The USAFA leadership made


Bailers, what a drag…

Before many regattas, I walk around the boat park seeing sailors polishing boat bottoms with PTFE, etc. to go faster!? However, these same sailors will open a bailer or both when it’s windy and leave them open all day. (Many of these sailors use a leech tension gauge without measuring how much their sails have


ABYC Turkey Day Regatta

Long Beach, Cal. – ABYC Turkey Day Regatta is in the books. Incredibly beautiful weather with Saturday sunny, perfect temperatures, and breeze clocking around to the ‘Long Beach normal’ with 8-10 knots early finishing the day with 12-14 knots and more. Saturday night Finn sailors were treated to a great sunset on the bar deck


US Sailing invites Finn sailors to participate in WS Cup Miami

US Sailing invites all the U.S. and Canadian Finn sailors to participate at the World Sailing Cup, Round 2, Miami. All the U.S. sailors are offered a  free 1-year U.S. Sailing membership. To get the free membership, e-mail your registration to US Sailing Olympic Coordinator, Kate Drummy at: For more questions or concerns contact


Fairhope Finn Clinic

Darrel Peck (Coach D) will lead the Finn clinic at the Fairhope Yacht Club March 25th through March 27th. The clinic is conveniently scheduled between Finn Midwinters in Sarasota, FL and Gulf Coast Championship in Fairhope, AL and will be priced at $150 per boat.  All USAFA members will get a 10% discount if registered


This is the home of the North American Finn Sailing where you will find our race calendar, information on regattas, sailing technique and advice, a forum & marketplace plus all the info you need to start Finn sailing.

The Finn is an outstanding boat originally designed by Rickard Sarby for a contest to find a boat for Scandinavian sailing and the 1952 Olympics.  Since then it has been featured in every Olympics.

An outstanding technical boat that favors boat handling and tactics over straight line speed.  With the unlimited pumping downwind in over 10 kts, it is a truly physical boat that rewards the athlete willing to work hard.

Most dinghies are built for smaller stature people but not so the Finn.  The Finn is a big man’s boat with average crew weight over 200 lbs.

The great attraction of the Finn is that you don’t need a brand new boat to be competitive – top regattas are regularly won by 10-yr-old boats.

A growing route in for sailors on a budget is the ‘Classic with Carbon’ option – any pre-1985 hull super-charged with a second-hand modern rig. Classic boats are warmly welcomed at all NA Finn Class events and are often seen in the top 10 with the Modern Race Boats.