Use the form below to join and pay dues for the United States Finn Class Association.

  • Regular membership is the default option and should be chosen by almost everyone. Includes IFA dues, hull sticker, required for eligibility in international and national events.
  • Junior Membership is for Finn sailors under 23 on December 31. Includes all benefits of regular membership.
  • A 4 year option is available now for $350, a $50 discount, as well as an option to buy a personal sail number and 4 years at once for $400.
  • Associate membership is for ‘ “Friends of the class” and non-competing Finn sailors who still want Finnfare Magazine, no IFA dues or sticker.
  • Private sail number is a personal sail number good till the end of 4 calendar years from issuance. Click here to view the sail number list
  • Your boat’s sail number is its ISAF number unless a private number has been purchased
  • A default sail number is assigned upon first joining the class. It remains in the background UNLESS, no PSN number purchased and class is not advised of your boats ISAF number.

Membership Type
Sail Number


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