Finn North Americans Day 1

First day of the 2017 North American Finn Masters was a frustrating one. Classic Lake Erie conditions set in today, as a northerly with 10-12 knots greeted us at breakfast but it was fighting a dominant easterly which set in over the course around 11:00. The first start gave us a general recall which prompted the race committee to put up the “U” flag which gave Peter Frissell, Darrell Peck, Rob Coutts, and Steve Landeau a scoring penalty. The 3 races saw lots of wind velocity changes and wind shifts which kept the RC on there toes. The next 2 races were constantly as frustrating as race one. Peter Frissell won races 2 and 3 and even won the first race before knowing that he was scored UFD proving that he has the speed and the strategy to win this event.
The rest of the weekend looks equally as frustrating as Hurricane Harvey sucks the life out of the lower lakes and force’s this Canadian high pressure system to hang out for awhile.

Current top 5…
Remko Boot 12pts
Chuck Rudinsky 20pts
Scott Griffiths 21pts
Henry Sprague 21pts
Joe Chinburrg 21pts

The full results can be found at

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