Adam Nicholson representing the Royal Canadian Yacht Club wins the 2018 Michigan State Finn Championship.

The regatta was the first Finn event on Lake St. Claire in over 40 years which ran as part of the Bayview One Design hosted by famed Detroit Bayview Yacht Club.
Adam bested the fleet in a wide range of shifty conditions this weekend to take the championship home to Toronto as well as valuable points for the LATIS Great lakes Championship Series presented by Offshore Spars in partnership with Dockline and Eco Cart Safe. “This regatta surpassed my expectations of sailing in Detroit and is a must do for sailors looking to be challenged by good competition” says former Team Canada and world travled sailor Adam.

Last year’s champion representing the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in Brisbane AUS John Woodruff was second after being forced to take a 4th on race 3 due to an unfavourable shift, was happy to see strong competition from the field. “This regatta was very good for the Finn class, it has put a lot of Detroit sailors in aww of what the Finn is capable of doing in a wide range of conditions.” Woody also ad’s “having our launch site at Crescent Sail Yacht Club has drawn a lot of interest from both Star and Lightning sailors to the Finn. We hope to capitalise on this by building a new fleet on Lake St. Claire and see more Finn activity in Detroit in the near future”

New boat owner Will Libcke representing Pontiac Yacht Club was third this year. Will chartered a class owned boat last season and got bit by the Finn bug pushing him to purchase a boat from Dinghy Racing USA’s Joe Chinburg. This was his second regatta with the new boat which he’s getting dialed in. “Its awesome to see the enthusiasm in the Finn especially from sailors in other fleets.” Will is going to oversee a Finn sailing evening this Wednesday night June, 6th at Crescent.

In forth was University of Toledo sailing team member and North Cape Yacht Club sailors Brian Pribe. This was the first time in a Finn for the 170 pound Rocket who used the class owned Devotie. “This was one of the best sailing experiences I’ve ever had. I learned so much and can’t wate to use what I’ve learned when coaching the juniors at Put-In-Bay this summer.” Brian plans on sailing the Finn a lot more and after graduating his first purchase will be a Finn.

Class Secretary and North Cape Yacht Club member Peter Frissell rounds out the top 5 in this year’s MSC.

Thanks to all who were involved this past weekend and we look forward to next year’s regatta.

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Hope to see you all there.