The Toilet Bowl History

The Willow Bank Yacht Club Finn regatta has been run annually since 1968. The Toilet Bowl trophy and moniker were added in 1972 when the Toilet Bowl itself was recovered during the renovation of a local train station. The members of the WBYC Finn Fleet saw the bowl as fitting the low-brow sensibilities of the Finn Class at the time, and as a bonus, the trophy would torment the wives of every Finn sailor who took it home. After the trophy was banished to someone’s garden for a year and returned in poor condition, it was restored to its original splendor and put on permanent display in the WBYC dining room.

The regatta is one of the few remaining Finn regattas in the northeastern US. Attendees enjoy small-town setting, the low-key vibe of WBYC and the opportunity to meet old and new members of the Finn class. For more information, see the club website at

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Rodion Mazin