Buccaneer Winter Series #2

The second regatta of the Buccaneer Yacht Club was greeted by 20+ knot gusts mixed with 10-knot lulls making for playful sailing conditions. We collectively decided to delay our launch for 30 minutes to discuss in earnest detail the mountainous white caps on top of the huge 6-inch swells. To the dismay of some of our less corpulent sailors, during our discussion, the gusts increased to 24 knots. Despite these not-so-comfortable conditions, we launched our Finns with resolute determination to arrive at the starting area ready to battle.
We successfully completed four races under a high-pressure system, with 15-degree oscillating wind direction, gusts up to 24 MPH, and capsizing prone lulls. As proof of our sailing skills, no one went swimming!

In the first race, the left side of the upwind leg proved to be the winning strategy. Michael Mark and Julian Bingham went left upwind to round the windward mark first and second. The other half of the fleet chose a more centered approach, which took more time. However, the downwind leg proved to be the opposite as the wind oscillated to the East. The back half of the fleet went left and gained on the top half that had gone right downwind. This combination of alternating winning strategies was key during all four races.
Michael Mark won all four races placing first overall, Julio Bingham in second, Ernesto Bergeron in third, and Heinrich Snow in fourth.

Buccaneer Yacht Club welcomes sailors from all walks of life, regardless of their taste for after racing cocktails. We have boats and lodging available. Join us!

By Ernesto Bergeron

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