2022 USAFA AGM results

The 2022 USAFA AGM took place on Saturday, May 21st. The voting was completed via online tools, giving an equal opportunity to all the members to cast their votes.

Congratulation to A.J. Pereira on taking on the duties of the USAFA Treasurer! Peter Frissell and Rodion Mazin ran unopposed for the President and the Secretary.

The link to the full results below.

AGM results
Unfortunately, we only received a bid for the 2023 Finn U.S. National Championship and missing bids for the Finn North American and Masters North American Championships. If you are interested to hold these regattas, please contact USAFA Secretary ASAP.

***Reminder*** USAFA uses the championship rotation matrix to project the event locations and offer our members equal opportunities to participate in the Major USAFA events. If no bids are submitted for the projected regions, USAFA may consider other viable locations and options. Please, do not hesitate to submit your bid, even if your region is not on the schedule.

USAFA Event Manual

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Rodion Mazin