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The sea was calm, and the sun was setting on the horizon as David Hemenway navigated his classic Finn toward the shore. It was a vessel that had been built more than thirty years ago, with a wooden hull and older spars fitted with dacron sails. It may not have been the latest and fastest racing boat like the modern Finns, but it was a beauty to behold.

David had always enjoyed working on and sailing his good old boat, but he longed for a community of like-minded individuals who shared his passion for classic Finn sailboats. And so, he created, a website that brought together enthusiasts who appreciated the simple joys of sailing and working on these vessels.

The website is a safe haven for those who love the craftsmanship of older wood and fiberglass hulls and the thrill of sailing with the wind in their sails. It is a place to share knowledge, learn from each other, and organize gatherings and races where all Finns are welcomed.

David looks forward to collaborating with the U.S. Finn Association (USAFA), of which he recently became a member. While USAFA’s focus is on racing, is all about facilitating the enjoyment of classic Finns and bringing together a community of passionate individuals.

Join David and the community today, and experience the simple pleasures of sailing a classic Finn sailboat.

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