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The Finn Foundation wants North American Finn sailors to have access to a quality, competitive, and class-legal Finn at a more reasonable price. The Foundation has found a reputable boat builder, Beacon Composites, to produce Finn hulls, centerboards, and rudders in the U.S. The first step is to purchase the Larry Lemieux molds. The hull has proven to be fast, and the deck would be modernized based on the input from the top sailors in the U.S. Finn class. The rudder and centerboard would be optimized with recent design improvements and the laminate schedule will be optimized to enhance performance, improve weight distribution, and ensure proper bending characteristics of the deck and hull.  The goal is to produce a competitive boat that can provide growth to the Finn class.

The Lemieux Finn has won numerous Olympic medals, and Larry Lemieux’s innovative ideas are still incorporated in modern European Finns. The Lemieux Finn is well designed and has been winning regattas since the mid-1990’s.

The Lemieux hull is made to the maximum dimensions allowed by the Finn class. This has proven to be a stable, fast downwind design. The Lemieux comes up with much less water in the cockpit because of a higher deck and a smaller cockpit volume. The deck is at max height making it easier to stand from the hiking position. The hiking portion of the deck is wider than other manufacturers giving more support and comfort while hiked out.

The older Lemieux Finns are still in demand because many experienced Finn Sailors love the design and features. Having the new improved Lemieux Finns built here in the U.S. will make a great Finn affordable and easily accessible.

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