2018 AGM Minutes

Finn Nationals April 7, 2018

Annual General Meeting

21 members Attending

Joe Chinburg Secretary called to order

Peter Frissell VP

Doc Hunter VP proxy for Paul Reese

Darryl Peck motioned to waive reading of the minutes from previous meetings.

Treasury Report
The Finn Association has $12,816. This amount includes the two class-owned boats that were
sold in 2017. There is still one class-owned boat that is being maintained under the
management of the Great Lakes Area VP.
There are 60 registered members.

Presidents Report
No Report

Secretary’s Report
Class has 60 paid members. Regattas participants are growing, and the class is growing.
The 2018 US Finn class sticker and the 2018 International Finn class sticker are available to all
the paid members.

Southern California Report
Henry Sprague
There are at least 18 Finns in southern Cal. West coast is growing.
Michael Kennedy Northern California VP held the 2017 Finn National Regatta

Rocky Mountain VP Report
Joe Chinburg reporting for Marcus Ward
Rocky Mountain fleet is holding meetings and training often. The Fleet is growing, and
members are starting to travel more.

Southern Area VP Report
Doc Hunter Reporting for Paul Reese
Pass Christian YC has three Finns, Fairhope YC and Buccaneer YC are growing.

Great Lakes Area VP Report
Peter Frissell
There are 2 new class members. John Woodruff is working on more area regattas and is trying
to structure more sponsorship and coverage. They want guys to travel and participate to help
draw more sponsorship, members, and Finn Class awareness in their area.
They are managing the Class-owned boat.

Northeast Area Report
Darrel Peck reporting for Josh Rifkin
2018 is the 50th Anniversary of The Toilet Bowl Regatta at Willow Bank Yacht Club in Cazenovia
NY, August 10, 11, & 12. Adam convinced Paul Henderson and Dave Paulison to write an article
and this year the competition is high.

Olympic Committee Report
No Report

Webmaster Report
Joe Chinburg reporting for Marcus Ward
Please send detailed information to Marcus if you want it added to the website. If you have a
regatta in your area that is hosting Finns then you need to compile all the pertinent
information, dates, location, contacts, etc and send it to webmaster@finnusa.org
District VPs please compile information that needs to be updated on the website and send it to
Rodion Mazin has volunteered to help with the website.

Old Business

Insurance for the US Finn Class – should the Class purchase Liability Insurance to cover the
Class, Class officers, and members representing the Finn Class? Last year Terry Greenfield
sourced it at $1,300 for the meeting proposal. The cost has probably gone up and the class
should consider funding the annual cost of Liability Insurance at $1,500.
How does the Class-owned boat factor in?
Rob Coutts moves that the US Finn Class get Insurance in the $1,500 range for the US Finn Class
Second Peter Frissell
In Favor – 21
Opposed – 0

Growing the Finn Class – Do we want to look for Finn Coaches?
Henry Sprague suggested seeding money to new Finn sailors. Darryl Peck – we can look
for Under 23year olds to steer towards the Finn by paying Regatta entry fees, putting
together travel grants, etc.
Management of class owned loaner boat(s) – The boats are the class property and should be
managed by the Area VP but decisions regarding selling, buying parts, changing the loan
situation should be made by a minimum of THREE Class officers. John Dane Suggested to have a
checklist for the class-owned boat turnover/receipt.
Henry Sprague moves to have 3 EBoard Officers sign off on the sale of Class-Owned Boats
Second John Dane
In favor – 21
Opposed – 0

New Business

John Woodruff proposes to have more media and publicity during the regattas to help attract
sponsorship. Possibly hiring a publicist and encouraging sponsor support. He would like to allow
Alan Block to use his boat at a regatta and then wright an article about his experience.
Peter McGriff suggested getting more pictures, videos, blogs etc on the more popular younger
generation social media like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and better direction to the Finn
YouTube site.
Gordon Lamphere and Rodion Mazin said they would take charge of the social media program.

How do we increase sponsorship for the regattas? Participating members should start thinking
about businesses that would benefit from exposure at these events and then approach them
about sponsoring. Looking for and approaching possible regatta sponsors is something all the
class members can contribute to – and not just the Club hosting the regatta. Still looking for
good suggestions.

Luke Muller proposed having the US Finn Assn follow the International Finn class stance on
doing away with all one-use bottles. Several members agree with this practice and will strive
toward having water and Gatorade fill stations available at regattas and at their home clubs.
There may be a sponsorship opportunity for a company providing/selling bottles and/or setting
up refill stations.

How do we set up a National Ranking System? Darrel Peck said that he knows of an established
system and will investigate setting it up. Several members offered to help input data once it is

Does the US Finn Class want Regional Area Measurers? Members agree that having
Measurement coverage across the country would help the class.
Does the US Finn Class want unlimited pumping in all conditions or 8knotts and above? NO! All
agreed to keep it at 10 and above.

Bids for 2019 Regattas

Joe Burke proposed US Nationals in Sarasota, FL March

Doc Hunter proposed Masters at Buccaneer YC Mobile, AL April

John Woodruff proposed either Masters or Nationals at Ford YC on Lake Erie for Sept or Oct

North Americans need to be held on the West Coast in 2019. Mission Bay YC proposed hosting
3rd weekend

Major Regattas for 2019:
Nationals; Sarasota, FL, March
Masters; Buccaneer YC, Mobil AL, April
North Americans; Mission Bay YC, San Diego CA, TBA
Election of officers
Are there nominations from the floor for officers? None.
President Joe Chinburg
Secretary Peter Frissell
Treasurer Glen Selvin
SoCal VP Henry Sprague

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