The first fay of the U.S. Finn National Championship brought epic conditions, as was promised by the Corpus Christi Yacht Club. Winds from 16-18 knots gusting to 25, 3-4 ft swell, and warm weather. Oscillating wind shifts with the overall left hand (East) trend throughout the day. First bullet of the day went to John F. Dane (USA 69) and two bullets to Rody Mazin (USA 16). Close behind Rob Coutts (USA 9) and Nikita Mazin (USA 7). Kudos to the Great Grand Masters Rob Coutts, Michael Mark, Peter Frissell, James Bland, and David Pearce for going out there and showing how it’s done. Top Legend Charles Rudinsky, followed by Henry Sprague.

Finn fact: Henry Sprague won all three races of the U.S. Nationals Championship 61 years ago when he was just 15 y.o. Henry, you are truly a stud!

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Pictures by Mike Malloy

Full results:

Legend Charles Rudinsky (USA 40) rounding the windward mark.


Rodion Mazin